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Polar JEOPARDY game

This is a JEOPARDY game. What you need is a computer with projector. This is a combination of olne and live team game.

You divide students in up to 10 teams. Each team has a number (written on card, preferably), picked before the game starts

There are 5 cathegories related to Polarpedia cathegories (Animals&Plants, Ice&Snow, People&Society, Atmopshere, Space); each with 5 questions. You can also set time for giving answer (e.g. 30 seconds).

Team No 1 chooses a question (e.g.’ANIMALS&PLANTS for 40 points).

Teacher clicks on the question, which is displayed on a screen. If the answer is correct, teacher clicks SCORE BOARD, and the clicks + sign – correct number of points is added.

The same question cannot be chosen twice.

Then Team No 2 does the same thing etc.

When there are no more questions on board, 2 teams wih highest score can answer FINAL QUESTION – the fastes team wins.



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